g a macura inc. offers professional art advisory services that include collections and estate management, exhibition curation and production, and art market consulting.

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With more than 30 years of experience, g a macura has worked with art institutions, major corporations, and private collectors.


Auctions & Private Sales

  • Research and strategy regarding market trends and provenance
  • Market valuation and research

Exhibition Curation & Project Development

  • All aspects of planning and producing a gallery exhibition
  • Facilitating purchases and installation for residential or corporate spaces

Collections Management

  • Expert advice on cataloguing and documentation
  • Best practices for inventories and databases

Estate Management

  • Valuation of artworks and personal collections
  • Legacy strategies




    Glenn Macura

    Founder and Director

    Glenn Macura is an Art Advisor & Curator. His firm, g a macura inc. works with a spectrum of personal and corporate clients. Glenn and his firm managed the corporate art collection of the General Electric Company for over 20 years. For GE, and other clients, Glenn has developed rotating exhibition series, overseen the purchase and de-accessioning of thousands of artworks, and managed collections of over 4,000 art objects. He brings with him a 30-year history in art management and independent art advising. Over the course of his career, he has worked for Andrea Rosen, the New Museum, and several Fortune 100 companies.


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