“Nielsen’s experiments are not haphazard but highly meticulous and procedural. Everything is preplanned and has to be done in a specific order. Nielsen uses handmade-made masks to help orient herself across her frame in the darkness. She places tabbed tape on the floor to remind herself of the best place to stand for each exposure. She rehearses each piece, before beginning to exposing the frame, as if preparing for a performance in the dark.”

- Liz Sales, guest writer for FOAM Magazine

All works courtesy of the artist.


overlapping dimensions

Analog Chromogenic Photogram, on Fujiflex
40” x 30” (image), 42 3/4 x 32 1/4 in.(framed)


glass landscapes shapes

Analog Chromogenic Photogram, on Fujiflex
40” x 30” (image), 42 3/4 x 32 1/4 in.(framed)


Analog Chromogenic Photogram, on Fujiflex
17” x 21” (image) 19” x 23” (framed)

BAckyard Cosmos

Analog Chromogenic Photogram, on Fujiflex
17” x 21” (image), 19” x 23” (framed)


Cuddling with you

Analog Chromogenic Photogram
Size is 30 x 40 in.(image), 32 x 42 in.(framed)

Lifeboat Plant

Analog Chromogenic Photogram, on Fujiflex
25” x 20” (image), 27” x 22” (framed)


From the artist:

“Technically: While my work is inherently photographic, I often describe my photograms as light paintings or light recordings. The images are created by exposing light directly onto the paper in several layers and steps, through filters and around objects. The final images reference only themselves and are unique.

Conceptually: Lately I’m interested in creating abstractions that have quantum characteristics, images that are two things at once: both a landscape and a piece of architecture, or both a portrait and a still life, or that can be read one way upon the first observation and a completely different way when seen for the second time.”



Solo Exhibitions

2019 Horizont Gallery, Budapest, Solo Exhibition, Entanglement, April 17th - May 22nd

2019 Black Box Projects, The Arrival, Mayfair, London

2019 Black Box Projects solo booth at London Art Fair

2018 Danziger Gallery, NYC, HotSpots

2018 Paul Smith Design in collaboration with Black Box Projects, London

2018 SOCO Gallery, Charlotte, NC, *Tracing the Azimuth 

2017 Unseen Amsterdam, Solo presentation with Danziger gallery

2017 Photo London, Solo presentation with NextLevel Galerie

2017 NextLevel Galerie: Force Fields, Paris, France

2017 Horizont Gallery: Snake Charmer, Budapest, Hungary

2016 Danziger Gallery: The Medium, NY, New York

2016 Budapest Art Factory, Shapeshifter, Budapest, Hungary

2015 SOCO gallery: Night Garden, Charlotte, North Carolina

2015 Laurence Miller Gallery: Liz Nielsen: Magic Lantern NY, New York

2015 Denny Gallery: Wolf Moon, NY, New York

2013 Benrimon Contemporary: Tiger Teeth: Red Light NY, New York

2013 Interlochen Center for the Arts: Blue Shifts, Interlochen, Michigan

2011 Schalter Gallery, LIZ by LINA, Berlin, Germany

2005 Lisa Boyle Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

Selected Group Exhibitions & Art Fairs

2019 Yossi Milo, Painting With Light, NY, NY

2019 Artfare, NYC

2018 Angell Gallery, Toronto Art Fair, Canada

2018 Aspen Art Museum, Art Crush, courtesy of SOCO Gallery

2018 Angell Gallery, Toronto, Canada, Group Exhibition, Let There Be Light

2018 The Photographers Gallery, Works in Process, London

2018 David Smith Gallery, Denver, CO, 2 person Exhibition

2018 Black Box Projects, 2 person exhibition, London

2018 Usable Space, curated by EddysRoom, Milwaukee, WI

2018 Winter Song at NextLevel gallery, Paris

2018 Lights, Camera, Action, curated by Haley Finnegan at Kunstraum in Brooklyn

2018 Sitting Still at BravinLee programs 

2017 "Painters and Photographers" at Providence College, Rhode Island, curated by Jamilee Polson

2017 PARIS PHOTO with NextLevel Galerie

2017 Art Market Budapest with Horizont Galeria, Budapest, Hungary

2017 Rubber Factory, NY,*"Women In Colour: Women and Color Photography" curated by Ellen Carey 

2017 Aspen Art Museum, Art Crush, courtesy of SOCO gallery

2017 Double Vision, Artists Who Instagram, at LabSpace, Hillsdale, NY

2017 Mountain Gallery, Brooklyn, "Along a River of Sapphire Pools"

2017 NextLevel Galerie "Full Bloom II" , Paris, France

2016 PULSE Miami with Danziger Gallery

2016 UNTITLED Miami with SOCO Gallery

2016 PARIS PHOTO with NextLevel Galerie, Paris, France

2016 Davidson College Gallery, North Carolina 

2016 Pallas Projects, 2-person exhibition with Max Warsh curated by Jessamyn Fiore, Dublin, Ireland

2016 New Photography Exhibition at BAM, curated by Holly Shen

2016 David Shelton Gallery: Summerzcool Curated by Austin Eddy and Benjamin Edmiston, Houston, Texas

2016 Sirius Art Center, 2-person exhibition with Max Warsh curated by Jessamyn Fiore, Cobh, Ireland

2016 Spring Break Art Show curated by Kelly Schroer, NY, New York 

2016 Kristen Lorello gallery, Geometric Cabinet, NY, New York 

2016 EddysRoom, Solo Show, Brooklyn, New York 

2015 Silver Projects, Double Vision, Brooklyn, New York

2015 BRIC Art Center, Handmade Abstract, Brooklyn, New York

2015 Zolla/Lieberman gallery, Hot Slice, Chicago, Illinois

2015 Danziger Gallery, Wonderful Lies, NY, New York

2015 Ameringer, McEnery, Yohe, Black and White, NY, New York 

2015 Danziger Gallery, Project Room, NY, New York 

2015 Material Art Fair with LVL3, Mexico City

2014 Paris Photo with Laurence Miller Gallery

2014 Westport Arts Center, curated by Julia Mechtler & Elizabeth Koehn, Westport, Connecticut

2014 Expo Chicago with Laurence Miller Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

2014 New Capital, Real Time, Future, Experience, Chicago, Illinois 

2014 Spring Break Art show, NY, New York

2014 La Montagne Gallery, Black and White, Boston, Massachusetts

2013 Art Untitled Benrimon Contemporary, Miami, Florida

2012 Roots & Culture Fractal Semblance, Chicago, Illinois

2012 Rawson Projects at NADA Miami, Miami, Florida

2012 Rooster Gallery, Fictitious Truths curated by Kara Rooney, New York, New York

2012 New Capital Projects, Anderson, Murphy, Nielsen, Chicago, Illinois

2012 David Zwirner gallery, People Who Work Here, curated by Rawson Projects, New York, New York

2012 O’Connor gallery, Dominican University, First Love, curated by Angela Bryant, River Forest, Illinois

2011 A & D gallery, Columbia College, Color: Fully Engaged, curated by Jamilee Polson, Chicago, Illinois

2011 NURTUREart hosted by the Chelsea Art Museum, Juried Auction, NY, New York

2010 LVL3 Feeble Intimacy, Chicago, Illinois

Artist Residencies, Awards, and Grants

2016 Budapest Art Factory Artist Residency, Hungary, September

2016 Orange County Relocation Grant, Newburgh, NY

2011 Dave Bown Art Prize

2005 CAAP Grant, Chicago

Fashion Collaboration Projects

Paul Smith Design (with Black Box Projects) Mayfair, London

Hermès Parfumerie (with art director Cory Jacobs), New York

Refinery 29, New York

Stevan Alan, Chelsea, New York

Salvatore Ferragamo, Chicago

Art Related Work Experience

2011 - 2015 David Zwirner, Inventory Manager/Art Handling Coordinator

2005 - 2011 The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Admissions, Assistant-Director/Regional Representative/On Campus Manager

2008 - 2011 The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Photo Instructor

2005 - 2006 University of Illinois, Chicago, Photo Instructor

2008 - 2011 Owner/Director of Swimming Pool Project Space gallery, Chicago

Curatorial Project

2016 - Current *Elijah Wheat Showroom, gallery in Brooklyn


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2009 New City Break Out Artist