All works courtesy of the artist.


NightLife in NYC

3 1/2 x 4 1/4 in. (image), 42 x 33 in. (frame)


From the artist:

"The pleasure of producing a picture instantly and sharing it with whomever happened to be around satisfied some deep, primitive need for communication. The complex technology that made this possible gave me an opportunity to combine performance, choreography, and a dash of psychic sensitivity with the more obvious goal of taking a good picture. . . . The clubs were crawling with weirdos: Peroxide blond teens dressed in orange jumpsuits designed to protect them from nuclear waste, bee-hived gals in cocktail dresses from the 1950's, pretty boys in bikinis in the dead of winter. . . . Prowling around in the dark during that time, I had a creative awakening as I witnessed something unique and unrepeatable. Astrologers called it the manifestation of Pluto and Neptune. I called it evolution. People were changing. The social order was changing, molting, transforming, right in front of my eyes and the lens of my camera." 

- Statement, year?